Study Center on image
Propose to us to acquire of photographs, images or documents, in particular on the following topics
La Butte Montmartre à Paris - Its streets, stairways and gardens, its quarries and its Maquis, its fountains and windmills,
its literature and its history, its personalities and artists, its workshops, its benefactors and inventors, his fights,
The Commune, his bohemian and folklore, of works created in Montmartre, writings and artwork on the Butte Montmartre.
The in-depth study of photography from its origins - Photos of personalities • Places • Fauna and Flora • Conflicts.
Events • Shows • Curiosities • Studies of nudes • Architecture • Transports • Scientific researches • Old crafts.
The photographic techniques - Photograph on paper, glass, metal or other • Stereoscopic view • Panoramic view.
Movies • Slide • Sheet film • Ambrotype • Ferrotype • Daguerreotype • Cyanotype • Calotype and negative of any size.
Books and writings on photography, its authors and techniques • Cameras and photographic accessories curious or ancient.
As well as: photos, engravings, drawings, posters, maps, ancient illustrated books and graphic works from all periods.
If you have such images or documents and wish to cede them to us, exchange them, donate them to us for cultural
uses or lend them to us for studying purposes, please contact us on  +33 1 46 06 83 32  from 10.00 to 19.00 or by
Following topics: acquisition of archives, collections and documentary funds
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